Michael Snell Was Born to Give, Driven to Excel

Michael Snel, Ph.D. (right) at the 2023 SWCRF Fall Gala in New York City

Michael Snell grew up in a unique environment. His grandparents, Italian and German immigrants, lived the American dream by taking their furrier business, Maximilian, and turning it into an empire. Observing his grandparents’ and parents’ incredible entrepreneurial spirits gave Snell a strong sense of determination and a keen business mind. His recent appointment as President of the Snell Consolidated Trust is the culmination of a lifetime of learning how to lead and the best ways to give back. Snell’s experience in philanthropy and business makes him the perfect candidate to manage the charitable efforts of the Snell Consolidated Trust.

Growing up, Snell learned all about business and independence from his family. After growing their furrier business in the United States, it was sold to a larger management company, which allowed the Snell family to expand their portfolio. Snell’s grandparents were part of the founding partnership of Sandals Beach Resorts, which proved to be a highly successful venture. Snell was born during this time when the family’s businesses were thriving. He grew up surrounded by the strong entrepreneurial minds of his parents and grandparents and the forward-thinking attitude that generating revenue would ultimately help the family give back to others.

The Snell Consolidated Trust was founded by Snell’s grandmother, Virginia. Following her recent passing this winter, Snell was named President of the Snell Consolidated Trust, LLP. The Trust received a $230 million legacy gift in honor of Virginia upon her death to encourage the continuation of its mission. Snell was honored to take on the responsibility of managing the Trust and to continue his grandmother’s legacy.

Aside from his upbringing, Snell has prepared for this position for many years. He pursued a double master’s degree from Wagner College and a doctorate in Consumer Behaviorism from Yale School of Management, which gave him a deep understanding of investment and financial diversity.

Since graduating, he has been part of many philanthropic organizations, showing his dedication to and passion for giving back. He is a chair member of the American Red Cross in New York City and was commended for his service at a ceremony where he rang the closing bell for the New York Stock Exchange. He has also sat as a chair member for the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, which spearheads initiatives and events like the renowned Hamptons Happening. Snell’s philanthropic contributions have also included board participation at Veterinarians International, helping lead the organization’s “Trunks of Love” initiative, and being a board member at the Ladies of Lupus Foundation in Los Angeles. His commitment to charity is evident through his devotion to various causes. Installing Snell as the leader of the Snell Consolidated Trust illustrates the family’s desire to see the Trust benefit people and animals in need, which is a testament to Snell’s expertise.

Michael Snell has already proven himself a philanthropist, but with the Snell Consolidated Trust, he now has a new opportunity to continue giving back to worthy causes. In honor of his grandmother’s legacy, Snell will ensure that the Trust effectively allocates its capital to great causes that further change.

‘One thing generosity has taught me is that it’s truly a dual act, not just about helping others but it provides heartfelt happiness for the giver to help Make a difference. That’s why the kind acts of compassion and generosity are a 360 degree act.’ -Michael Snell
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