Meet Clara Lope: Ready to take over the entertainment industry

Whether based on reality or a fictional creation, filmmakers and storytellers can have a profound impact on a culture with their media. As a form of communication, filmmakers and storytellers weave in expressions of worldviews and ideologies, simulating lived experiences while diving into universal emotions. Movies are a form of art that can help highlight where a society is, as well as where it has been. With great films come great actors—individuals whose on-screen talents bring stories to life and captivate audiences. Making her way onto the big screen is Argentinian talent, Clara Lope, whose commitment to her passion has refined and evolved her craft.

A Los Angeles transplant from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Clara headed to the Land of Opportunity at 18 years old. Originally launching her career in the commercial world, Clara was familiar with the heavy demands of the entertainment industry, which is an industry the rising actress has always loved. Filling her days with academics and casting calls, she is a talent who has always been constantly looking for new opportunities to improve her skills.

Even though many challenges had to be overcome, Clara continued a steady lifestyle of training, diet, exercise, and coaching to achieve the best version of herself for upcoming projects taking place this year.

After arriving in the U.S., Clara decided to pursue a career in film, and her views on the industry began to transform with the understanding that her passion and career pathway should be approached from a business perspective. “For me, it was switching to bigger projects with more production and more scenes,” she remarked.

The actress is currently a resident of the Beverly Hills area in California, choosing the 90210 area upon moving to L.A. Living in an area filled with other industry members has been a key feature that she loves, creating an atmosphere that feels incredible for the rising talent.

"As a California transplant, I feel grateful to live in such a nice community and melting-pot of the worldwide entertainment industry. And with all the setbacks that we faced last year as an industry, this year starts with a heavy workload which makes me incredibly happy. It's amazing to see the progress of a project that we worked so hard for months come into reality,” Clara said.

As a fan of many influential actors and movies, Clara has faced internal struggles entering the film industry due to her expectations. She stated, “My biggest challenge is that I am a perfectionist and want everything to look proper.” As many know, perfection is a fairly unattainable goal, but through her work with various teams in the industry who were able to provide support and teach Clara to trust the process and slowly begin learning to trust herself as well.

Now, 4 years after arriving in the United States, Clara is signed with Tinto Talents agency in Beverly Hills. Her resume reflects credits in Home Sweet Home (2020) and Dilemma (2021), and then further builds with her role in Land of Grace, which features Josh Hutcherson, Melissa Leo, Andy Garcia, and Frank Grillo. The upcoming film is the story of a U.S. special forces agent who is forced back into the battlefield to track down a reporter he left behind. This project was filmed in Colombia. Clara highlighted, "I loved Colombia so much and I am eager to come back to film there later this year. Their people are amazing, and they have outstanding local talent"

The actress believes in and endeavors to actively pursue various projects on an acting, producing, and investing level, recognizing the wide range of possibilities and formats in the industry. “I think movies and media content in general are one of the most profitable businesses nowadays,” stated Clara , observing the revenue growth even among cinemas across the country.

Set to begin two new movie projects this year, Lope continues to look through scripts, refine her craft, and pursue her passions in film.

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