Yamashiro Hollywood Introduces New Sultry Cocktail Menu

Yamashiro Hollywood

As Summer arrives in Los Angeles, the flowers in Hollywood dance amongst the current of oncoming warm winds. Every year, Yamashiro remains the perfect setting to enjoy a scenic view of Los Angeles in full bloom. The Japanese terrace at Yamashiro seats guests under a custom-wood canopy, protecting the ambiance from heat, while still inviting the rays of the mountain sun to peek in. Guests may stroll through the ornate gardens that overlook the skyline, or bask in the midst of peaceful koi fish ponds while dining at LA’s most extravagant palace.

Yamashiro Hollywood is revered by cocktail enthusiasts far and wide – the eclectic beverage creations at the bar have garnered their own fan club. This Summer, guests dining in will enjoy a passionate new cocktail menu, devised by Yamashiro’s very own bartending team. Drink connoisseurs will quickly recognize the Japanese elements infused into Yamashiro’s new Summer cocktails, giving visitors an exciting twist to their illustrious dining experience while visiting the mountains of Hollywood. The Yamashiro Espresso Martini mixes smooth, Patrón Reposado Tequila with Kahlúa, and imported Espresso from Italia. In contrast, the RYUJIN cocktail boasts a delicate, Coconut infused knob creek rye whiskey, combined with just the right amount of Mezcal – joined by the finishing touches of: fig leaf syrup, chocolate chili, and orange bitters.

The interior at Yamashiro Hollywood evokes an ultra-sensory experience of both modern and traditional cultural themes. Making full use of artisan designed ceilings and generously spacious dining wings – the Japanese Gin and Tonic cocktail reflects the pulsation running through Yamashiro. The classic cocktail features imported ROKU Japanese Gin, fresh Tonic, Aromatics Bouquet, and a plump wedge of lime. Sister to the Japanese Gin and Tonic cocktail is the NAKED AND FAMOUS cocktail, swirling with 400 Conejos Mezcal, Strega, Aperol, and a juicy lime wedge for a burst of Summer sultry.

The Yamashiro mountain palace has debuted the first of its kind, SILK WHISPER cocktail. The Japanese culture inspired drink is a serene playground for the body, containing green tea infused Haku Vodka, Aperol, Rhubarb, Sparkling Rosé, and just a pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt. For visitors seeking a journey to Kyoto without leaving LA, Yamashiro pioneered your time travel to Japan through the Kyoto Spritz. The refreshing cocktail is a private pool of Roku Gin, Prosecco, and fine cut pieces of ripe Honeydew Melon.

World renowned filmmakers and industry beloved screen-writers have discussed venture capitalist projects at the Yamashiro bar, making it a hot destination for creative brain activity. The landmark establishment was built in 1914 by the Bernheimer brothers (whose primary motive for purchasing the palace was to use it as storage for their extensive Asian art collection). Designed as a replica of a palace in Kyoto, Japan - Yamashiro began operating as a restaurant in the 1960’s. Today, guests can enjoy the creation of the KOBAYASHI cocktail under imported artifacts, enjoying the ride of El Tesoro Reposado Tequila, sweet bits of fresh lemon fused with ginger beer, joyful hibiscus, and orange bitters. Yamashiro’s introduction to Los Angeles marked a significant era of the city's history – ideas then were cinematic, budgets then were big, and the world was always ready for the taking. The DOUBLE HAPPINESS cocktail is an ode to the fortunes of the city, illuminating the glamor of 400 Conejos Mezcal, El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, juicy pineapple Rhubarb, notes of Hibiscus, potent absinthe rinse, and a tender lime.

Yamashiro has an established name across the mountainous landscape of California for its unwavering commitment to providing dream-like service to every guest at the mountain palace. The hospitality encountered through the corridors of the historic establishment is nothing short of the highest quality. The YOGIRI “Night Fog” cocktail mirrors Yamashiro’s status; adventurously mixing Roku gin, Sakura Cherry Blossom Vermouth, Pamplemousse (French for Grapefruit), Campari, and Black Lemon Bitters over a sea of dry ice. The Yellow Dragon cocktail follows suit in greatness, combining Knob Creek Whiskey, Benedictine, Passion Fruit, and Allspice Dram with a sweet wedge of home-grown lemon from the garden. The Umi Garden cocktail draws inspiration from the verdant Yamashiro grounds, featuring Nori infused Sake, Roku Gin, Spiced Olive Brine, Black lemon bitters, dill water, and a perfected amount of imported basil oil.

Each guest at Yamashiro is regarded as an addition to the richness of the mansion's existence. The memory of your Summer evening is secured with the new HIBISCUS HIGHBALL cocktail - running freely with Grey Goose Vodka, stilled Hibiscus Cordial, and fresh seltzer infused with a thick-cut lemon wedge. Renowned for serving cocktails that light up Los Angeles, the bar at Yamashiro offers a sophisticated ambiance where guests can unwind with talented friends and new faces alike. The bartenders’ expertise ensures an unforgettable evening each night as guests sip on individually-crafted cocktails amidst the iconic Hollywood atmosphere.

In the world of Japanese-American cuisine, Yamashiro takes guests on a journey of culinary history and genius- engineered flavor. Whether enjoying a leisurely stroll in the gardens or savoring a Summer cocktail from the bar, Yamashiro promises an unforgettable taste of California splendor.

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