Unlock the Secrets to a Timeless Wedding

Emily Coyne Events

As wedding season hits its peak, inspiration for upcoming winter, spring and summers weddings are all around us. Many brides dream of looking back at their wedding photos and seeing a design that is classic, timeless, and always in style. But with so many trendy wedding photos on Pinterest and Instagram, it can be tough to figure out what really makes a wedding timeless. To help couples, Emily Coyne Events, California-based luxury destination wedding and event planner, has put together top tips to ensure an elegant celebration that stands the test of time. From picking the perfect color palette to choosing eternal elegant decor, these suggestions will help create a wedding day that's beautiful and stylish for years to come.


Choose your wedding photographer wisely. Do your top contenders showcase perfectly lit, natural, and true-to-color images or do their photos have a warm filter applied to them or feel dark and moody? Filter trends come and go, but everlasting photography classically captures the essence of the day using natural color tones. Angles and lens choice also reflect current trends. Photos where you are not “aware” of the camera angle and instead could be standing right there behind the lens will always be timeless.


Using bold colors or following the Pantone color of the year can make your wedding feel trendy but might also date it. For an eternal look, go for wedding color palettes that mix soft shades like blush, baby blue, beige, and gray, along with tone-on-tone whites and creams. This approach does not mean you have to avoid color altogether. Instead, think about using less saturated hues in your wedding design. These subtle, elegant colors will keep your celebration looking fresh and sophisticated, no matter how much time passes.


For a classical wedding, choosing the right venue is key. Look for places that have an estate-like feel with beautifully manicured outdoor spaces that can serve as a stunning backdrop for your ceremony. Venues with classic architecture, such as historic mansions, elegant country clubs, or charming gardens, provide that enduring charm you are aiming for. On the other hand, highly modern venues, like a contemporary art museum, might not create the everlasting vibe you want. Sticking with locations that have a more traditional and refined look will ensure your wedding feels timelessly elegant.

Dress Code

A black-tie dress code will never go out of style; so, have your guests dress to the nines by wearing tuxedos and gowns. Encouraging formal attire is not just for your guests, though—it applies to your wedding gown too! Think about choosing a classic silhouette that exudes elegance and sophistication. Avoid going overboard with embellishments; sometimes, less really is more when it comes to creating a lasting impression. A simple, classic dress can make a powerful statement that stands the test of time.


Featuring live music at your wedding instantly sets a tone of classic elegance. For the ceremony and cocktail hour, consider having a string quartet or trio; their beautiful, timeless sound creates a sophisticated atmosphere. When it is time to kick off the reception, switch things up with a live band. A band brings energy and excitement to the celebration, ensuring your guests have a fantastic time on the dance floor. Combining strings and a band gives your wedding a perfect blend of tradition and fun, making it an event to remember.

Integrate Your Love Story

Most importantly, creating a wedding that withstands the test of time does not mean sacrificing personal touches and meaningful details. In fact, incorporating elements that are uniquely yours adds depth and charm to your celebration. Serve a signature cocktail reminiscent of your first date and weave in design elements inspired by favorite travel destinations. Consider offering matchbooks with a sketch of your beloved dog for a personal touch that guests will remember. Incorporating these personal elements enriches your wedding with meaningful memories and stories, ensuring it remains unique, while also timeless and unforgettable.

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