Elite Pickz: The Future of Sports Betting Backed By Transparency And Facts

By giving their customers the ability to make educated sports picks, Elite Pickz is pioneering the sports betting industry by providing picks chosen by experts and backed by analytics. Founded by Bill Harrelson, the goal of Elite Pickz is to bring transparency and honesty to the sports betting industry. While casinos and sports books are created to generate internal profit, people still seem to believe that their general knowledge and love for sports will help them win. However, in order to win in the sports betting industry, one needs to rid themselves of personal rhetoric and focus instead on analytics and advanced models used to predict the outcomes of games. Elite Pickz encourages us to leave behind the stigma that surrounds sports betting and instead adopt a strategy of simply sticking to the facts.

In an industry riddled with scammers that claim their win rates and profits are astronomically high, it can be easy to get carried away listening to the wrong “experts”. This is why Elite Pickz has fostered a talented team of professionals who have ample experience and knowledge in the betting space. They have interviewed multiple people who claim to be professionals at choosing picks and uncovered the harsh reality that most of them were frauds. This is what prompted Elite Pickz to create a safe and transparent environment for sports bettors to choose the best picks and generate the most profit. In 2020, when sports betting saw a spike in popularity, the Elite Pickz team was fascinated to learn the possible profits able to be generated from sports. It all comes down to beating closing lines consistently, which creates an edge over the house. When this edge is played enough times, profit is then generated. It's really that simple.

This strategy can result in a fortune being created all due to sports. Elite Pickz aims to educate people about the industry more, in order to give them an effective step in the right direction (i.e. consistent profits). They believe that in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, they must adhere to values that prove they are dedicated and care about their customers. Elite Pickz is concerned more about building a safe community rather than scoring profits, and they want to create security in their followers' minds when it comes to the sports betting industry. This is why they guarantee their results for your first month, and if ROI is not generated following the use of Elite Pickz, they cover the following month for free. Their results are based on the numbers, not opinions, and because of this, Elite Pickz beats the sportsbooks lines consistently. This means they are able to bet games at odds of say -110 (bet $110 to win $100) early in the day, and by gametime it may be upwards of -130 (bet $130 to win $100). The team moves the markets regularly. They are as transparent as it gets and not afraid to tell their customers when they are wrong, unlike many other similar websites and brands. When partaking in any practice that includes risk, customers want a strong sense of security when putting their money on the line. The transparency that Elite Pickz provides is what keeps their customers and followers coming back for more, and the sense of security that is often underscored in sports betting is something highly coveted by those that partake.

Elite Pickz operates an Instagram page as well as a newly renovated website that sells picks in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly packages. By leading with sincerity and excellent customer service, Elite Pickz has created a safe space for those interested in generating profit off of sports. Because of their mission to make even the average sports fan a better sports bettor, Elite Pickz offers free picks as well as weekly tips on their email list. The picks they choose reflect the analytical background they possess and the results proven are sterling examples of this. Because of the experts that make up the Elite Pickz team, the brand is able to back their choices with hard facts and statistics related to each sport. The team of analysts is currently composed of a former oddsmaker and a professional sports bettor. An oddsmaker’s job is normally to set the lines at a certain sportsbook or fantasy app. While most of Elite Pickz customers accumulate during the NFL season, they are starting to gain popularity with fans of other major professional sports leagues. It’s no secret that Elite Pickz is invested in providing their customers top picks that are backed by facts and analytics. The transparency they are single handedly bringing to the sports betting industry is a glimpse of what the future holds for profiting off of sports responsibly and successfully. Check out their website!
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