Introducing AMAN Tequila: A Tequila That Transcends Beyond The Bottle

In the world of spirits, AMAN Tequila is a brand that transcends beyond the bottle. In fact, the name “AMAN” carries significant meaning, symbolizing ‘safety’ in Arabic and ‘love’ in Spanish. These sentiments echo the brand ethos that the owner, Gerardo Madrigal, wanted to infuse into the brand since day one. As a former math teacher, Madigral learned an invaluable lesson from his students, and he is honoring his teaching legacy now through AMAN Tequila. Today, Madrigal has built a tequila brand that celebrates contemporary Mexican artistry and culture through his unique lens.

AMAN Añejo Cristalino stands out as the only Chrome gradient-metalized tequila bottle on the market – and it’s incredibly luxurious. Its design draws inspiration from nature with stylized agave-like shapes and contemporary, slender forms, creating an iconic, sculptural appearance. The innovative metallic gradient, a first in the market, showcases the precious liquid through the wide side of the bottle.

Crafted from a blend of 85% tequila aged in first-use red wine barrels made from French oak and 15% in American oak barrels with a medium toast, the Cristalino Añejo exhibits a harmonious fusion of flavors. The decolorization process involves meticulous activated charcoal filtration in five stages, allowing the tequila to rest between each filtration to preserve its vital characteristics.

Following decolorization, additional filtration through plates enhances the tequila’s clarity and brilliance, resulting in a superior Cristalino Añejo tequila. It offers a symphony of aromas with seasoned wood, cured tobacco, cooked agave, hints of vanilla, guava, peach, and grape. On the palate, the prominence of wood is balanced by grape tannins and soft fruity notes, delivering a lingering and memorable finish.

AMAN Tequila is a testament to the fusion of passion, craftsmanship, and the rich tapestry of Mexican culture and Madigral’s personal journey, inviting connoisseurs to savor the spirit of love and safety embodied in each bottle.
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