Skin Research Institute Adds to Their Hot Hair Tool Line with the Infrarose Steam Styler

The beauty world is brimming with countless products and brands competing for the top spot. Among these contenders is the Skin Research Institute (SRI), a rising beauty brand. This August 2023, the brand unveils another promising addition to their product line: Infrarose Steam Styler.

Anyone who is familiar with the latest in beauty tech should be no stranger to SRI's DryQ blow dryer. Already regarded as a modern marvel, stars such as Margot Robbie, Michelle Williams, and Jennifer Aniston owe their impeccable tresses to this device. And among the many beauty magazines the brand and its products have been featured in, the DryQ was touted as a top hair dryer in 2023 by InStyle Magazine. Perhaps, this star-studded background gives us a hint of the storm the Infrarose Steam Styler is about to unleash.

For many, Skin Research Institute's success lies in its approach. Peter Fedorov, the company’s sharp-minded CEO, emphasizes the brand's commitment to innovation and customer feedback.

"So we want to improve based on the latest technologies, but also by listening to the customer.”

Fedorov believes in a dual approach of leveraging the latest technological advancements with a human touch, ensuring that every product isn't just efficient and advanced but feels personal to its users.

In the crowded beauty market, standing out requires a unique touch. SRI achieves this by following a straightforward yet powerful formula: develop products through the lens of diverse feedback, from the end user to top-tier hair stylists, dermatologists and scientists. Whether it's the voice of an everyday user or an industry expert, all perspectives are valued. This holistic approach ensures the end product not only appeals visually but also performs at its peak and looks and feels incredible.

SRI's latest innovation, the Infrarose Steam Styler, is destined to be another game-changer. It's not your everyday flat iron; it's a blend of science and beauty. Imagine a tool that styles the hair using steam, ensuring every strand is effortlessly styled, radiating beauty and efficiency.

The beauty industry might be vast and challenging, but the Skin Research Institute sails through smoothly with its innovative approach and undying passion. With the introduction of the Infrarose Steam Styler, they're set to redefine hair styling once again.

The future looks bright and it’s not just about reaching the skies, for the Skin Research Institute, it's about going beyond.

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