Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Newman Gives His Advice on TikTok's Plastic Surgery Craze: Is it Worth the Money?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many individuals to reevaluate their appearance, leading to an increase in demand for plastic surgery procedures. This trend has been fueled by the flexibility of remote work and virtual classes, which allow people to manage the necessary downtime associated with surgery more easily. A survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that around 30% of plastic surgery practices have experienced a surge in business since the pandemic began. However, it's essential to note that plastic surgery comes with potential risks, with less than 1% of outpatient plastic surgery procedures leading to complications.

Social media platforms, such as TikTok, have also played a significant role in shaping people's perception of plastic surgery. Users share their experiences and transformations with their followers, and filters available on the app have made it easier for people to visualize the results of the procedures. Many young women have been inspired to pursue similar treatments after seeing these outcomes. Therefore, it's important to be aware of the potential risks and to carefully consider the benefits before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

Hollywood's A-lister plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Newman, has shared his personal and professional opinions on some of the most viral videos on TikTok. Read more below:

"Foxeye" Thread Lift is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in 2022. People have been getting it done to achieve a “cat-eye” look. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Megan Fox, and Kendall Jenner are a few examples of how the results of this procedure can look like. Although it looks great, it isn’t for everyone. According to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael K. Newman, “Thread Lift procedures are most useful in middle age, typically 40s to 50s, to give a slight lift to aging or loose skin.” Younger patients usually have tight skin so changes may often be very minimal. Most threads are made of dissolvable suture material, so the results typically last around six months, and the procedure needs to be repeated to maintain the result.

TikTok user, @_jessiecarr, has shared her experience with this procedure. In her video, she shares how one of her eyebrows looks higher than the other.

@_jessiecarr Reply to @rhodesclub #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foxeye #foxeyethreads #foxeyethreadlift ♬ original sound - _jessiecarr
(TikTok Video Credit: @_jessiecarr)

In the case of @_jessiecarr, she did not see much of a change after her Fox Eye Thread Lift procedure. According to Dr. Newman, “It is possible that the threads weren't strong enough to grab her tissue. Or it is possible that her skin is too tight due to her young age and skin type, so her skin wouldn't stretch or move as much as was promised.”

She obviously was disappointed with her results and the procedure was not worth it in her case. One thing she mentioned is important to highlight. She stated that she contacted several surgeons who informed her the results would not be significant in her case. Dr. Newman emphasizes on how important it is to get a few different opinions when considering a cosmetic procedure. “Just because one clinic promises a result doesn't mean it is realistic, so getting other opinions is definitely worthwhile before signing up.”

If you are determined to get a Fox Eye or Cat Eye appearance with a long-term result, consider surgery such as a brow lift or canthopexy (lateral eyelid lift) to get a more durable and predictable outcome.

Another popular cosmetic procedure called Aegyosal Filler has been seen to have a rise in demand. Aegyo Sal is a Korean phrase that refers to the slight bulge along the lower eyelid just under the eyelashes. This bulge is from a muscle in the eyelid that gets larger and accentuates the bulge during certain facial expressions, such as smiling or squinting. The bulge is seen as a sign of youth, attractiveness, and flirtation in Korean culture, prompting some to have filler injected into this muscle to make it more prominent.

TikToker @upsidedownzcxz, who had the procedure done, claims to regret having the cosmetic surgery procedure. On her viral Tiktok video, she says that “it made the bulge too large and didn't go away over time, as suggested.”

@upsidedownzcxz I’m no doctor but plz be careful with fillers #filler #dermafiller #aegyosal #fyp ♬ 原聲 - Upsidedown
(TikTok Video Credit: @upsidedownzcxz)

According to Dr. Newman, “Most fillers on the market do dissolve over time. However, studies have shown that even dissolvable fillers can stick around for many years. Fillers can also move or migrate, especially in highly muscular areas, causing the filler product to accumulate in certain spots and become even more noticeable. Most fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which can be removed with the injection of hyaluronidase (also known as Hylenex).”

After seeing the results of the procedure, TikToker @upsidedownzcxz made the decision to have the fillers dissolved. In her video, @upsidedownzcxz does have some excessive prominence of the bulges along her lower eyelids. Dissolving the filler often can take several sessions, as it did in her case. Bruising should be expected with each injection.

Filler injections to the lower eyelid have the highest risk of showing unnatural bulges leading to a high dissatisfaction rate compared to other filler injection locations, so it is critical to have an experienced injector when treating those areas. Dr. Newman explains that “Filler to the lower eyelids is the most common location for people to seek to have the filler dissolved in the future because of bulges that can develop.”

It is important to be aware of the risks of filler injection, including blindness, especially when injecting around the eyes, so make sure you do your research before selecting your provider and clinic for the procedure.

The Verdict

Plastic surgery is a complex medical procedure that involves risks and benefits that must be taken into consideration before making a decision. While it can be tempting to pursue cosmetic enhancements due to the images of perfection that are often portrayed on social media, it is essential to carefully weigh the potential outcomes of the surgery before proceeding.

Plastic surgery can be a life-changing decision for individuals who feel insecure or self-conscious about their physical appearance. It can help individuals achieve a sense of confidence and improve their quality of life. However, it is essential to approach the decision with caution and do thorough research.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is crucial to ensure the safety and success of the procedure. It is important to seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a member of reputable organizations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. By doing so, individuals can have peace of mind knowing that their surgeon adheres to strict safety and ethical guidelines.

While the cost of plastic surgery may be a consideration for some, it is important not to compromise on quality or safety for the sake of cost savings. It is never worth risking complications or regrets by seeking out cheaper alternatives, particularly those outside of the country.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue plastic surgery is a personal one. Individuals should take the time to carefully consider the potential outcomes of the surgery, research their options, and choose a qualified plastic surgeon who can help them achieve their desired results. By doing so, they can confidently pursue the enhancements that will bring them joy and improve their quality of life.

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