This New 600-Foot Luxury Cruise Liner Offers 50 Suites With Private Balconies

Despite the influx of lavish new cruise ships on the horizon, Aman has decided there is still room for one more.

The luxury hotel group has joined forces with Cruise Saudi to develop an exclusive 600-foot liner that is slated to hit the seas in 2025. Codenamed Sama, which means “tranquillity” in Sanskrit, the exclusive floating hotel will allow up to 100 passengers to cruise the globe in the five-star comfort.

Penned in partnership with Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design, the vessel artfully incorporates Aman’s eastern heritage with a minimalist aesthetic for a timeless yet contemporary feel. There will also be a focus on privacy, space and “gracious hospitality” throughout to ensure a superyacht-like experience.

As for accommodation, Sama will offer 50 generous suites that each sport a private balcony for uninterrupted sea views. While onboard, seafarers will have access to an all-day restaurant with “international dining options,” as well as a club and lounge slinging your favorite cocktails. Elsewhere, the Aman spa comes complete with an zen Japanese garden for a spot of restorative relaxation, while the beach club stern offers direct access to the ocean for swims. Sama also has two helipads to facilitate comings and goings.

On top of that, guests will have the opportunity to venture to far-flung destinations. Although the itineraries have yet to be confirmed, the routes will likely explore Saudi by sea.

“Project Sama will provide transformative experiences within the revered Aman setting and service which is unlike any other yacht experience, ultimately creating a whole new category in on the water discovery,” Aman’s chairman and CEO Vlad Doronin said in a statement.

Aman is not the only big name getting into the luxury liner game. Virgin Voyages launched its new cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, this year, while the Ritz-Carlton’s three custom-built yachts are expected to set sail next year. Hey, there’s nothing better than a little friendly competition on the high seas.

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