An inside look at Natural Effex (or why not all CBD brands are created equal.)

Nonbelievers have called CBD “a trend” but knowledgeable consumers are convinced; This isn´t a trend – not by a longshot – CBD has become a way of life for millions of people in America and around the world.

However, a fact cannot be ignored: not all CBD brands are created equal. The boom this burgeoning new industry has experienced in recent times seems to have inspired countless individuals to explore the complex path of entrepreneurship. Many brands available in the market have one or two key pillars (product quality, brand identity, strategic distribution, etc.) but only a handful of players in this saturated and competitive market have effectively broken through the threshold.

Case in point, Natural Effex CBD – a tremendously promising endeavor launched by visionary entrepreneur James Carbone.

What makes Natural Effex one of a kind can be summarized as follows: passionate product development coupled with uncompromising quality standards and edgy, highly compelling marketing. The brand has experienced growth at impressive levels and as their products continue winning over the hearts and minds of even the most selective CBD consumers, James and his team show no sign of slowing down.

A recent Consumer Reports survey shows the sheer power of this industry with an estimated 64 million Americans having tried CBD products in the past year, and the snowball effect only seems to grow larger.

James Carbone granted us an interview in which he shared some valuable insights:

What makes your brand different from the competition?

What makes Natural Effex different from its competitors is product quality. It is the most important. Our main focus is premium products that actually help improve our consumers lives both physically and mentally. Its rumored 70% of CBD companies are not producing quality CBD. We focus on staying in the top 30% of the world. Not only do we focus on product quality but we also focus on our customer’s wants and needs. Our company is very social. Between our influencers, stores, athletes and models it seems like everyone is interacting all through our brand. At this point its become more of a lifestyle. A more of a relaxed, chill vibe vs a uptight health brand vibe.

Can you share with our readers the inspiration behind your brand?

Growing up I was always a huge fan of the marijuana and hemp plant what it does, and how it effects your body. It has so many benefits. It activates a system called our “Endocannabinoid System” which I’m fascinated by and it tends to regulate our bodies most important systems. Growing up I had an aunt with breast cancer and uncle with ALS. I watched them both suffer with sickness and disease. CBD, hemp and Delta-8-THC can comfort people suffering with these ailments. My goal is to help as many people feel as comfortable as possible.

What are some of your best selling products?

Our best sellers are our delta 8 THC products. Specifically, our 300mg delta 8 disposable cartridge (vape) that comes ready to go. Its sleek, compact and convenient. It glows our neon green logo at the bottom when you puff it. It gives you a mild buzz after about 1-2 puffs. Making you feel relaxed. Enjoy! Our second best seller would be our Hemp flowers. High quality, and great for relaxing after a long day easing stress and anxiety.

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