WeGather a Communication Revolution for the Modern Age

For too long, people from all walks of life have wanted the opportunity to connect with noteworthy individuals including celebrities and intellectuals and for WeGather making these connections possible has been a mission that has taken the company to soaring heights.

Users can gain unparalleled access by paying a one-time fee which allows ordinary people to have a private chat with whomever they choose, effectively breaking down the last connectivity barrier.

Now, WeGather is radically changing how their services operate. By making meaningful connections even more accesible and removing extraneous features the focus is now centering on these private chats, providing the service that users crave for the most in a more efficient way than ever before.
CEO David Price commented: “We will be dramatically simplifying the platform to have only what users truly care about – being able to buy exclusive chats with notable individuals, celebrities, experts and enthusiasts that you cannot get real access to elsewhere.”

Countless individuals have fantasized about the possibility of connecting directly with icons and leaders from diverse backgrounds, thanks to the real access that WeGather provides, this is now a vibrant reality in the marketplace.

Now, anyone interested in these services will be turning to the new home of the platform, gatherX.com. The company’s new name is merely one small change, along with an overhaul of the company’s design which users are guaranteed to find very rewarding. To check out the new changes and start connecting with influential people be sure to go on over to gatherX.com

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