How A Futuristic Company Increased Its Revenue By More Than 1500%

For visionary entrepreneur and CEO Nick Yates the future has a sweet taste.

Disruption has become a part of our daily lives and as we move into an age of enhanced business performance, public companies like Generation Next (Stock Symbol: VEND) look for consumer demands to fulfill more efficiently.

For pioneers like Mr. Yates, the mission is clear: provide high quality products, coupled with a unique purchase experience to maximize shareholder profits, and through bold and exciting brands like Reis & Irvy´s the mission has been accomplished, and then some.

Generation Next has seen a whopping 1,821% increase in revenue thanks to the undeniable power of unattended retail.

Imagine this scenario: you are out with your family, while casually strolling through a mall your kids spot a high tech robotic vending machine offering irresistible treats like premium frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato and sorbets…all served by robots. Who can resist? Apparently, not many people can.

Generation Next is the largest unattended robotic retail company in the world with over 400 robotic vending kiosks in the field, delivering delicious frozen treats and making customers happy all across America.
“I think the first product anyone innovates or engineers is always the most difficult, and for us we really made a lot of mistakes.” said Nick Yates, CEO and Founder of Generation Next (VEND). “Now, we understand how to take something literally from sketch to scale we are ready to begin complimenting that with new and exciting innovations that fit nicely within our patent portfolio. Adding shareholder value is so important to us, most of our shareholders hung in with us over what was a difficult year prior. We are ready now to deliver some real value and are very much looking forward to the challenges and rewards that await us in fiscal 2020.”
By exhibiting true passion and relentless tenacity when it comes to superior product development, Generation Next has ignited a new trend, one most of us could only dream about until recently.

Now, when you need to get your froyo fix you won´t only enjoy a delicious treat, you´ll also receive a full blown purchase experience courtesy of Generation Next and its marquee brand Reis & Irvy´s which offers frozen yogurt crafted by robots that will certainly put a smile on your face.

What’s next you might ask? “Popcorn, sushi, pizza, cookies all can be delivered easily by vending robots”, said Yates to conclude.

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