Only For The Brave: Check Out The Trailer For The New Horror Film “Look Away”

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After almost losing faith in the horror genre last year after a slate of inconsistent, quickly forgettable movies came out, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the genre´s diehard fans with “Look Away” the chilling new film by writer/director Assaf Bernstein.

The film premiered in theaters and on iTunes October 12 creating a wave of palpable adrenaline as audiences watched the story of Maria (played by India Eisley) a girl, who faces turmoil after her inner twin, named Ariam, manifests and participates in the effort to take control of her life.

“Look Away” brings this very visceral struggle to life in a shocking and compelling way making it highly relatable and an experience to be remembered.

Actor Jason Issacs (who plays Maria´s father, a successful plastic surgeon) puts it best “It´s that part of all of us that we live with all day every day where we think, finally, I can say this thing to that person, why don´t I just take that and smash it on his head.”

The film has stirred a multitude of reactions after Facebook blocked some of its content due to its sexually charged, tense and impactful nature.

Audiences have lined up outside theaters and quickly elevated “Look Away” within iTunes rankings, responding to the film´s incisive and somewhat deviant appeal which is sure to make it one of the year´s most corrosive thrillers.

So go ahead, press play…if you dare.

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