Just Press Play: How Simply Showing Up Can Alter Your Life With BODi Super Trainer Andrea Rogers

Andrea Rogers

The idea of transitioning from a beginner to a consistent exerciser can feel daunting. Still, once we accept where we’re starting from and commit to showing up, the satisfaction of cultivating positive habits becomes the icing on the cake - especially when this newly found confident mindset stretches beyond the class. For professional Pilates instructor Andrea Rogers, this is what movement is all about - plus a sprinkle of fun, of course!

“Keep showing up” may not be a new mantra in the fitness industry, but it is best to believe that rain, hail, or shine; those who stick to it like glue reap the rewards of success in more ways than one. Yet, while the physical benefits of movement have been tried and proven worthy for decades, the psychological impact of physical activity can get less attention.

Nowadays, through the uprising of social media, heading to the gym studio can feel like it’s more about what you choose to wear or look like. But for Texan mother of two, Pilates instructor, and creator of the global workout sensations Xtend Barre and XB Pilates, Andrea Rogers, that's insignificant.

“It isn't about the way you look. It isn't about reaching that height of perfection. It's about movement, doing the action, or simply just pressing play. Soon, you will see that the coordination will improve your flexibility, balance, strength, and more.”

After all, life should be about focusing on what you did, what you will do, and what you're doing well. “No longer are the days of having to be in shape to get your workout on,” she says.

“I don't care if you wear your sweatpants or don’t have the right sneakers or shoes on for grip. I don't care if you are inflexible, have two left feet, or have never danced. Go right when I say left, or go down when I say up,” she smiles. “Who cares? Nobody cares. Here, nobody's judging.”

Instead, when meeting Andrea Rogers, either online in a BODi program or in person, all the team cares about or is impressed by is that you showed up. It takes a lot of guts to commit to something new.

What hasn’t shifted, however, is the immense benefits Pilates offers. These have contributed to its popularity as a fitness category for over a century due to its consistent effectiveness, longevity, and safety. Not to mention its compelling promises of increasing strength, flexibility, and stamina, aiding in breathing better, and improving posture.

As a former professional dancer, the art of action has forever been embedded in the livelihood of Rogers. Having combined her love for movement and teaching into one, she soon found herself in Florida creating “digital fitness programs with over 40 studios worldwide.”

Andrea Rogers

In-fact, thanks to her infectious positive energy, her workout classes soon became packed with repeat students “seeking effective, mood-boosting sculpting workouts that left them feeling lean, strong, and confident.”

“The whole process of creating Xtend Barre and XB Pilates for BODi was a labor of love,” admits Rogers. “Yet, when we finished filming, I knew these two programs would change lives. I wanted them to make people look at Pilates differently and question why they haven't been doing Xtend Barre sooner.”

Having taught women who struggle with self-doubt, fear, and negative thoughts, Rogers expresses her profound gratitude for the work she does daily. “I feel so lucky when I read messages from women who share how these little online workouts have transformed their entire world,” she says.

“I don't think people understand how significant that is. Having worked together to overcome those obstacles, people change their physical shape, but most importantly, the internal shape-shifting is remarkable. And that’s why I do what I do.”

With consistency and motivation by your side, these life lessons are thought to transform your entire being.

“That's how we create this lovely momentum and this beautiful, healthy addiction to movement: We get that little high every time there's a win, and we celebrate that in our classes,” says Rogers. “No task is a small task. It's about applying that same determination and grit and talking yourself into it.”

“It doesn't matter if you don't think that these workouts are for you. What matters is that you show up and do it,” Rogers concludes. “Do it to your best ability. Sometimes, you'll sparkle and shine. Some days, you'll just show up and feel accomplished. But when you do that daily, that outer confidence will stream into every other facet of your life.”

By combining the grace of barre with the sculpting power of Pilates and high-energy cardio-dance, her proven programs and techniques have helped thousands of people worldwide transform and thrive.

So, let go of your imperfections and move your body with expert Andrea Rogers.

It’s time to press play and soar. For more information, visit Andrea Rogers’ site, check out her Free Wellness Planner, or sign up for her retreat.

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