Bonjour Le Lin Unveils its Line of Handmade European Linens in the US and Canada

Lisbon based luxury linen company expands to cater for booming US and Canadian markets

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Bonjour Le Lin, a premier luxury linen brand, is thrilled to announce its much-anticipated debut in the United States and Canada. Originating in the heart of Europe, Bonjour Le Lin is synonymous with elegance, quality, and sustainability, offering a range of top-tier linens that are both enchanting and enduring.

With more than 934K TikTok searches in the US for #bedlinen in the last 30 days, Bonjour Le Lin have decided it is about time they give their US and Canadian customers exactly what they want - the comfort and luxury of a European sleep in their own home.

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Baudouin Deboulle

Bonjour le Lin was founded with a deep commitment to celebrating the enduring appeal of linen, a material that has entranced people for centuries. With over two decades of experience in crafting linen household linens, the team behind Bonjour le Lin has honed their skills to perfection.

Every item produced by Bonjour le Lin is a product of meticulous craftsmanship, created to order in their workshop located in Lisbon, Portugal. Customers have the privilege of tailoring their linens to their precise specifications, whether it's custom sizing or a particular style preference. The designs offered by Bonjour le Lin, though elegantly understated, exude a unique charm that harmonizes effortlessly with any decor.

Certified sleep science coach, Tony Klespis says,

“Linen is one of the best materials to choose from for a cool night's sleep.

'The highest quality is made from French or Belgian flax, which grows taller than flax grown in other places,' Byron says. 'The taller the flax plant, the longer the fibers taken from these plants to produce yarn. Longer fibers mean better breathability and moisture-wicking properties.'

Plus, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet – so you will remain dry – and your sleep is less likely to be interrupted through the night”

Maintaining the highest standards of quality and attention to detail is a core value at Bonjour le Lin. Mass production has no place in their philosophy. They firmly believe that true beauty resides in the finer points, and they meticulously attend to each element to ensure that every piece they produce adheres to their exacting standards of excellence. Bonjour le Lin's unwavering commitment to perfection shines through in every item they craft, bringing the timeless allure of linen into the homes of their valued customers."

The new websites feature a wide range of linen products, including bedding, curtains, household goods, clothing and accessories all made to order. Customers can easily browse all of their products online either pre made or made to order.

And if all of that sounds too good to be true, the reviews speak for themselves: Returning Customer, Dylan says,

“The quality of these sheets has been very impressive. A great size loose sheet that easily fits the whole bed with room to be tucked in. Far more comfortable than traditional cotton bedding. We will certainly be getting another set soon”.

You can view the full list of reviews here

Baudouin Deboulle, founder at Bonjour Le Lin says,

"As part of our commitment to quality and transparency, our linen products are crafted exclusively from 100% French flax. Today's consumers demand traceability in their products, they want to know the source, quality standards, dye safety, and factory ethics. That's why we proudly produce our linen in Portugal, adhering to strict EU norms, in a century-old factory. This ensures our fabric meets the highest standards, with a weight of 190gr/m2 for exceptional durability.

At Bonjour le Lin, our team of experienced seamstresses is dedicated to crafting high-end clothing and home textiles. We take pride in the fact that there's no assembly line or pre-made inventory. Each order is personally handled from start to finish by one individual, making every Bonjour le Lin item truly unique. This also allows customers to request specific instructions, like the precise dimensions for a bed skirt or inseam pants measurement. Plus, many of our products, including curtains, bedding, table linen, and clothing, can be customized to your preferences."

US and Canadian customers can now visit the to place an order. #ENDS#

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About Bonjour Le Lin

Bonjour Le Lin was created with the aim of perpetuating a passion for this magnificent material that is linen, thanks to an experience of more than two decades in the manufacture of linen household linen.

From bedding, to clothing and household goods, Bonjour Le Lin keeps the sleek and chic at the heart of their elaborately handcrafted, richly textured linen linens. Each item is made with the utmost care to order in their Lisbon, Portugal workshop to satisfy our customers' most exacting needs.

About Baudouin Deboulle

The Baudouin Deboulle hails from France and has more than 3 decades of experience in the textile sector, in both India and Southeast Asia. After the creation of Linenshed in 2012, he decided to return to Europe in order to benefit from the centuries-old experience of excellent weavers in Portugal and to offer a more sustainable product to consumers and become more eco-responsible every day.

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