Inside Look: Meet the It Boys of the Season.

Get ready for an unforgettable lifestyle journey! We're unveiling the It Boys of Summer-Fall 2023, the gents who are making waves and setting the trends. With a dash of charm and a splash of elegance, they’re reshaping the fashion landscape and giving us major style goals. Let’s get up close and personal with the men who are crafting the look of the season.

Jamil Nacif

Jamil “JAM” Nacif, the creative force behind renowned fashion labels like Rounderwear, Rounderbum, Wonderbum, and the newly unveiled “Jam,” is certainly the talk of the town this season! Celebrating his 30th amidst the grandeur of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nacif heralded the launch of his newest venture “Jam”, embedding his stamp on the fashion industry. This celebration, dubbed the “No Puede Cher” bash, saw a seamless blend of amusement, music, and memorable impressions by the world-renowned Cher impersonator, Chad Michaels, transforming the evening into an epic, unforgettable saga.

Jamil’s essence of uniqueness and his keen, observing eye are palpable in every creation, addressing unseen necessities and solving unspoken problems. The music-infused “JAM by Rounderwear,” translates tunes into wearable fashion, invoking a sense of celebrity-like aspiration and lifestyle. Phrases like: #ThisIsMyJAM and #Let’sJAM are not merely promotional tags but are mantras resonating happiness and motivation, reflecting his transparent, upfront nature.

Observation is Jamil’s forte, capturing nuances and peculiarities often missed by many. It’s this strict, critical viewpoint, coupled with his transparent nature, that enhances his creative aura, enabling him to perceive and augment both the positives and the negatives in every detail.

Jamil believes in the transformative power of a realized idea, emphasizing how initial success fuels confidence and credibility, leading to a cascade of more innovative projects.

This is epitomized by the flourishing of various product lines under the “Rounderwear” umbrella, each carving a niche, each a success story echoing the ethos of distinctiveness and attention to detail imbued by Jamil. Whether it’s the ground-breaking padded underwear or the shaping mastery of Rounderbum and Wonderbum, Jamil’s brands are a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation, his commitment to unparalleled quality, and his undying love for music and fashion.

JJ Powell

JJ Powell, renowned as a dynamic figure in various domains, dons multiple hats with effortless finesse, whether as a Broadway producer, lawyer, investor, or a passionate traveler. Having graced features in prestigious publications such as Harper's Bazaar, he stands as an embodiment of relentless energy and versatile brilliance.

JJ’s journey is highlighted by a distinctive interpretation of balance, one characterized by unceasing endeavors and pursuits which to many might seem exhaustive but to him are the essence of his vitality. Driven by an unwavering zest for life, he finds equilibrium in embracing new challenges, imbibing diverse experiences, and attaining myriad life goals, all while being accompanied by a distinctive sense of humor. To JJ, the art of keeping people intrigued and spreading joy is integral to maintaining life’s harmony.

His transformative journey is deeply interlinked with New York City, a place he considers a catalyst in shaping his identity and refining his values. It is here where his fervor for musical theater and arts flourished, eventually steering him towards his prolific role as a Broadway producer. This endeavor wasn’t a solitary journey; he acknowledges the profound influence of his mentors, the generous and loving souls from the community who have played a pivotal role in honing his creative voice.

The essence of JJ Powell's philosophy is centered around fearlessness in challenging societal norms and expectations. He encourages embracing individuality and evolving with a foundation of kindness. Whether surprising people with his legal acumen or enlightening them with his multidimensional personality, he remains true to his essence, propagating a message of growth, benevolence, and boundless exploration.

Hersh Garhwal

Introducing Hersh Garhwal (a.k.a. Hershey) - a seasoned veterinarian and emerging DJ who’s breaking boundaries! With a long standing passion for animals and music, Hersh is all about creating positive and enriching experiences, whether he’s in a clinic or behind the decks. His dedication to both fields speaks to his versatile and empathetic nature.

Having been involved in veterinary medicine and music production for about 15 years, Hersh is driven by a desire to make a difference. In the clinic, he’s attentive to the needs of pets and their owners, providing a calming and supportive environment. On stage, he connects with his audience, ensuring everyone is having a great time.

Despite a busy schedule, Hersh successfully manages his commitments, recently co-founding a vet clinic focused on modern animal care. He strongly believes in prioritizing what you love, allowing him to continuously explore new music projects and advance his veterinary initiatives; Excitingly, Hersh has new music on the horizon and a series of shows and humanitarian projects planned, including outreach for stray pets in India. His love for travel and music has taken him to various destinations, each influencing his unique sound and approach to both of his crafts.

Hersh’s journey is a testament to the fulfillment that comes with following your passions and growing in them. It’s about embracing your interests and finding your unique path to success and satisfaction. He hopes his story encourages readers to pursue their passions and looks forward to sharing more of his ventures in music and animal care.

Cory Paul Martin

Cory Paul Martin is the embodiment of a dynamic spirit and boundless passion for life. As a trailblazing entrepreneur and the mastermind behind CPM Agency, Cory is leaving an indelible mark in the realms of influencer marketing and public relations.

Cory’s passion extends to other arenas as well. As he joins hands with Dr. Courtney Yurko and David Yurko as a co-owner of T.O. Mezcal; Their combined vision and profound love for Mexico breathe life into a brand that epitomizes authenticity and celebrates the rich traditions of Oaxaca and Michoacan - Here, in the hands of master mezcaleros, their love transforms into a symphony of flavors, enriching the palates of those who seek a true taste of Mexico.

Cory’s persona is a mosaic of adventurous spirits and heartwarming charisma, characteristics that have enamored him to a global audience and built a powerful network of lasting friendships around the world. His ventures, woven with his carefree and embracing attitude, resonate with those who encounter him, making his presence synonymous with warmth, happiness and inclusivity.

The style Cory embodies is a mirror reflecting his varied travels and eclectic taste. Whether it’s the distinctive swag of Tuluminati hats or the refined elegance of Miansai jewelry, each piece he dons is a statement, a whisper of the places he’s been, and the coastal vibes he holds dear, even amidst the vibrant pulse of city life.

In every endeavor, Cory's core remains the same—adventurous and kind. His approach to life and business is a harmonious blend of curiosity and compassion, a journey of discovering and embracing, all while leaving a trail of inspiration for others to follow. The amalgamation of his fashion sense, empathetic nature, and relentless pursuit of excellence makes Cory Paul Martin an iconic figure of this generation, transcending boundaries and enriching the world with his unique essence.

Noah Beck

Noah Beck, known for his skyrocketing fame on TikTok, is an iconic individual who initially harbored passions in football, contemplating a pathway in either professional sports or academia. However, the universe had different plans for him, and a series of viral TikTok videos saw him delve into the world of fashion, leaving a remarkable footprint.

Noah’s story is emblematic of transformation and the exploration of varied domains. Currently, he is a prominent figure within the fashion circuits of Europe, with his brand, IPHIS, gaining momentum. He is a vibrant 22-year-old who epitomizes a balance between a glamour-infused lifestyle and disciplined living. His approach to life is characterized by early morning routines, a commitment to health, and a clear avoidance of alcohol, even in the bustling environment of Los Angeles.

His wardrobe speaks volumes about his fashion sensibilities, with notable inclusions being classic pieces from AMI Paris and versatile black pleated trousers. The combination of Saint Laurent boots and pieces from IPHIS form the core of his distinctive style. Whether it's for a casual dinner or a more formal event, Noah has a flair for assembling outfits that align seamlessly with the occasion, be it by opting for a timeless black Saint Laurent silk shirt or a piece with more intricate and playful details.

Despite the sweeping changes and the high-paced life, Noah remains true to his roots and principles, and his energetic outlook is a testament to the harmonious synergy between his lifestyle choices and professional commitments. The journey from football pitches to high-end fashion ramps underscores his adaptability and the innovative spirit that has positioned him as a standout personality in the world of influencers.

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