Ajit Nawalkha: The Coaching Maestro Changing the World, One (Life) Story at a Time

In a world where life is often equated to a race, Ajit Nawalkha, better known as Coach Ajit, advocates a more enriching view. To him, life is an infinite canvas, and each one of us is an ever-evolving work of art. Having co-founded multiple successful businesses including Evercoach by Mindvalley and Dharma Coaching Institute, Ajit's role as a globally renowned coach, speaker, author, and community creator has been transformative in numerous lives.

The Coaching Ethos

Ajit firmly believes that coaching is more than a career - it is a way of life. The journey of coaching, in his view, is a path to self-discovery and self-improvement. For Ajit, coaching is a critical skill in today's volatile world, a tool that unlocks potential and facilitates success, goal attainment, and dream realization. With this conviction, he is on a relentless mission to democratize coaching, making it accessible to everyone.

Ajit's Canvas: His Life's #WorkOfArt

Ajit embraces life as an ever-evolving work of art, and the colors that adorn his canvas are quite revealing. His family, personal growth, health and wellbeing, and career constitute his life's vibrant masterpiece. He's a dedicated family man, devoted to his wife and two children. Personal growth is paramount to him, and he's committed to becoming fitter than ever as he approaches 40. His illustrious career trajectory, from being the former CEO of Mindvalley to co-founding Evercoach and multiple successful businesses, epitomizes his #WorkOfArt ethos.

Cooking Up Communities: The Art and Science of Community Building

Ajit likens building a community to cooking; it's both an art and a science, requiring a mix of key ingredients. Shared awe-inspiring moments, personal transformations, deep connections, and a sprinkle of awkward, yet fun experiences together create a vibrant community. He has a flair for assembling like-minded individuals keen on making a positive impact and fueling exponential personal and professional growth, spiritual evolution, and human potential. To him, being part of a powerful community is like rocket fuel for the soul, enabling us to surpass the ordinary and attain the extraordinary.

To Serve & Love: A Philosophy for Life and Business

Ajit's philosophy in business and life revolves around service and love. When starting a business, he asks, "Is this in the highest service to the industry, society, and the world?" This question pushes him to build businesses that positively impact billions of lives rather than merely making billions of dollars. It opens the door to inspired ideas, creative solutions, and unlimited possibilities, encouraging him to undertake short-term challenges for long-term success.

The Voice of Change

Ajit’s endeavors are not just about building businesses. They are about changing the world. His companies, Evercoach, Dharma Coaching Institute, and Global Grit, have been designed to disrupt the status quo and amplify personal growth and business success.

His podcast, "Master Coaching with Ajit," offers a weekly dose of top-notch coaching tools and techniques, delving into the psychology, biology, and philosophy of world-class coaching. He also regularly takes the stage alongside renowned speakers like Jay Shetty, Lisa Nichols, Tom Bilyeu, and Vishen Lakhiani. His talks are not about showcasing intellect but about authentic connection with his audience.


Ajit Nawalkha is indeed a maestro of coaching. His mission to democratize coaching and make it accessible to everyone is not just a business goal; it is his life’s purpose. In a world where coaching has often been viewed as a niche profession, Ajit's efforts are reshaping the narrative, transforming coaching into a lifestyle choice, a skill that unlocks potential, and a tool that changes lives. As he continues to evolve and color his infinite canvas, one thing is certain: the world will be watching, learning, and transforming alongside him.

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