In Beverly Hills, Alesh Ancira Launches Eclectic Strategy: The Eclectic Agency´s AI and Big Data Business Division.

Alesh Ancira depicted in an AI generated render.

In Beverly Hills, California, Alesh Ancira, Founder and Managing Partner of The Eclectic Agency, a globally recognized boutique public relations and creative firm, has unveiled a trailblazing new division called Eclectic Strategy shortly after this year´s Academy Awards® in Los Angeles.

With this new division, Mr. Ancira and his core executive team, including junior partners Ivan Medina (Creative Director), Karla Vazquez (Operations Manager) and Cory Paul Martin (Head of PR), are breaking new ground by integrating artificial intelligence, big data analytics, predictive modeling, content intelligence and other cutting-edge tools and technologies to craft powerful and innovative business strategies that seamlessly integrate with the agency's existing offerings; Providing clients with a one-stop-shop solution for their business and communication needs and allowing them to benefit from increases in operational efficiency and a stronger, more unique market position.

"Our world is changing rapidly, and businesses that are unable to adapt and evolve are at risk of falling behind," said Ancira. "That's why we created Eclectic Strategy, to provide our clients with cutting-edge insights and frameworks that drive success in this new era of business."

Night falls in Beverly Hills after the launch of Eclectic Strategy.

The potential of AI and big data in the business world is simply undeniable, with McKinsey & Company reporting that organizations that leverage these technologies can increase productivity and profitability by up to 30% in the short term.

With Eclectic Strategy, Ancira is taking this potential to the next level by offering a revolutionary new approach to business and communication strategies and honoring his company´s DNA: the word “eclectic” means “deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources” and that is precisely the case.

"Our approach is completely different from anything else out there", Ancira said. "We are integrating AI and big data into our core offerings to create strategies that are truly tailored to our clients' unique needs and goals. This is the future of business, and we are looking to stay ahead of the curve."

Eclectic Strategy is not just a game-changer for businesses, but it is also a game-changer for the PR and branding industry as a whole. With its use of technology and data insights, the revolutionary new division is aiming to redefine what is possible in the industry and setting a new standard for high performance in times of rapid changes.

"From a positioning and strategic value standpoint, there is simply no other agency out there that can match what we are offering," Ancira added. "We are at the forefront of a new era in business and communications, and we are excited to help our clients succeed in this new landscape." -The Harvard and Wharton trained chief executive concluded.

The launch of Eclectic Strategy took place in Beverly Hills, California this past week at a series of private gatherings with strategic allies, clients, tastemakers, artists, executives, and socialites all expressing enthusiasm for the groundbreaking new division.

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