How Las Vegas Socialite Richard Crighton Redefined Luxury Living

When most people think about luxury, they think about fast cars, diamonds and expensive champagne; And while those are certainly some aspects of luxury, true lifestyle virtuosos such as Las Vegas socialite and seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Richard Crighton understand that real luxury can only be measured by the level of freedom that you possess and the ability to live life on your own terms.

The magical combination of never ending fun, spontaneity and unrestricted abundance that so many individuals crave has become one of the key reasons why people from all walks of life regard Richard as a lifestyle savant. A man who has built his own dream life from scratch, overcoming heart wrenching adversities and climbing to the top of the success mountain by his own right, only to discover that life at the top does not have to be lonely if you put your heart into every single interaction, which he certainly does.

By building several successful businesses and co-founding the Rothwell Gornt companies – widely regarded as the gold standard in the Las Vegas real estate game – Mr. Crighton was able to become fabulously wealthy, but he also learned many lessons; One of the most important ones was the true value of unapologetic authenticity and humility even in the face of colossal success.

“Don´t disrespect women, don´t disrespect staff. I don´t play this game, you have to respect people when you´re in my city. I am Las Vegas” –Crighton emphatically states in a recent video he posted on his official Instagram® account in reference to an encounter where he witnessed a rude patron, who was eventually booted out of the establishment at his request.

The love Richard has for Las Vegas is proportional to the love Las Vegas has for Richard, and it is a genuine kind of love.

People from all walks of life stop to say hello to the man, as he makes his way from the penthouse floor to one of his favorite hangout spots in sin city; This is what makes Crighton a modern day pop culture icon. In a world full of entitled and overbearing millionaires, Richard is a self made success who remains humble even in the face of massive achievement.

By remaining true to his nature at all times, the established businessman (who once sold a strip club to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.) has undoubtedly redefined luxury living and earned a reputation for no B.S. along the way. His way of doing things is distinctively his own, a well crafted and painstakingly refined philosophy aimed at making the most of every single day; While nothing came easy, it is safe to say that his struggle paid off and the juice was certainly worth the squeeze.

Now, tens of thousands of viewers flock to Crighton´s official YouTube channel “Super Vegas Life” for a behind the scenes glimpse at the limitless life he leads, and as an ever increasing number of people seek inspiration to materialize their own dreams in a world that moves at a faster pace than ever before, Richard Crighton has earned his place in the luxury lifestyle hall of fame thanks to his warm nature, contagious smile and unparalleled appetite for new and unique life experiences.

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