Victory Against All Odds: How ShaNita Nolan Inspires People to Succeed

The saying goes: "Tough times don't last, tough people, do." For millions worldwide, overcoming life-altering challenges poses a daily mental, emotional, and even physical struggle.

The sad truth is that a vast percentage of those who have been scarred by domestic violence, sexual assault, and abandonment never fully recover. Some people attempt to numb their pain through drugs and alcohol, and others go through life in a continual state of anxiety and depression. Still others, unable to cope with trauma, even take their own lives.

But some are born fighters and won't give up. Some, like the mythological phoenix bird – always manage to rise from the ashes of the past, with newfound strength and determination. People like community leader and influential self-mastery advocate, ShaNita Nolan, are living proof that extreme hardship can cultivate profound greatness.

As a single parent of two, a wife in a blended family, and as the bonus mom of two, ShaNita faced great difficulties and adversity. ShaNita embraced her experiences and failures with grace and humility. She allowed her experiences to shape and mold her, grow and transform her personally and spiritually, and solidify and heal her relationships with herself, her husband, and her children.

Experiencing the death of infant twin sons, four miscarriages, and a ferocious battle to overcome depression and anxiety, ignited Nolan's powerful inner calling to propel her forward and use her pain and life experiences to promote healing, she now works to equip, empower, and transform others' lives through their experiences and life stories.

"I'm an overcomer who has been able to turn adversity into an advantage through resilience, faith, perseverance, diligence, and oneness with God," ShaNita states.

Nolan is a student of leadership; she is also a communications practitioner, mentor, and teacher of servant leadership practices who is passionate about adding value to all people. She has devoted her life to serving others and positively impacting society by using her God-given gifts to "activate the inner greatness" in the masses. She is committed to helping youth and adults learn, live, and lead with confidence, competence, and compassion where they are.

"My message is one of love, service, purpose, and forgiveness; it equips and empowers the brokenhearted and ignites truth and victorious living for all," Nolan affirms.

As a state title holder (Mrs. Virginia 2020) in the Mr. Mrs. Ms. Black America Pageant (MMBA Pageant), ShaNita, in partnership with her husband and her community, is on a mission to develop leaders and cultivate a legacy of Kingdom expansion, excellence, and empowerment. Together, the Nolan’s service to their community and their platform focuses on ending the stigma of mental illness and promoting well-being, building healthy blended marriages, and helping women and men recover after a pregnancy-loss.

As people from all walks of life grapple with crippling uncertainty, socioeconomic upheaval, systemic racism and social injustice, and emotional turmoil, there is a need for competent, purpose-driven, and self-less leaders like ShaNita Nolan. ShaNita is a beacon of hope and light, helping those who are lost experience healing and transformation and to find their way to the best version of themselves.

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