Aleisha Malcolm: New Zealand´s Brightest Young Marketing Executive

Aleisha Malcolm has joined a leading global creative agency as regional partner for New Zealand.

Images by Olivia Malcolm

It seems like a story scripted for the big screen. Just a few months ago Aleisha Malcolm dreamt about becoming a professional singer, but she didn´t imagine that everything could happen so fast.

As she sips on a cup of coffee during a sunny morning just outside Rangiora, the proud New Zealand native shares with us some of the opportunities and challenges ahead of her after having been added to the talent roster of The Eclectic Agency, a leading global boutique creative and public relations agency that works closely with international A-list music stars like Akon, Pitbull, Sean Paul and iconic global brands such as Cadillac, Founders Investment Society, Hard Rock Hotels and Samsung Mobile among many others; Having become a permanent fixture in over sixteen strategic international markets in just over one decade.
“I´ve always loved serving customers, it´s a unique feeling…knowing I´m helping a client achieve their goals. I could not be more thrilled to join T.E.A. as an executive and also as a recording artist!” – she affirms.
Aleisha´s natural talent and passion for music as well as her keen understanding of modern digital marketing methodologies caught the attention of the agency´s global leadership.

The CEO, Alesh Ancira (recently named one of California´s 10 entrepreneurs to watch by The California Herald) and its Global Creative Director, Ivan Medina were quick to recognize the young businesswoman´s unique approach to modern advertising and public relations and concluded that she was the ideal person to lead operations for the firm in a market where established brands and small enterprises alike had long been searching for cutting edge solutions with a dedicated regional focus.

The young executive is also currently working on her first major studio single.

Images by Olivia Malcolm

Ms. Malcolm has officially joined the company as regional partner for New Zealand, expanding the agency´s international presence – which currently includes offices in London, Los Angeles and Mexico while introducing a cutting edge customer-centric business model to strategic markets in the North and South islands such as Queenstown, Auckland, Christchurch and of course, Aleisha´s beloved hometown of Rangiora; Where the young executive and recording artist has established a sterling reputation for herself, being regarded as a highly talented and customer service oriented professional.

In times of unquestionable volatility across every major industry sector, advertisers search for more effective ways to reach consumers and as a digital revolution occurs, people like Aleisha Malcolm establish themselves as part of a youthful generation of pioneers, at the forefront of the new ad business.

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