Getting To Know Dr. Naysan--The Smile Makeover Extraordinaire

For Beverly Hills-based Dr. Naysan, his work isn’t limited to dentistry. In fact, in many instances, his work is considered an art form. After helping countless patients achieve the smile of their dreams through a procedure that he created called a “smile makeover,” Dr. Naysan has his work down to a science—a scientific art, that is. Together with his patients, Dr. Naysan works to pin point every detail and desire they want to attain in the procedure. A trip to Dr. Naysan’s office would be much different from a trip to any other dentist. He takes dedicated steps through multiple appointments prior to any procedure to ensure a patient’s satisfaction.

We recently sat down with Dr. Naysan to hear more about his famed “smile makeovers” and what goes into creating those coveted smiles.

What would you say is the motto/theme of your practice?
DR. DANIEL NAYSA: Aesthetic dentistry.

What cosmetic procedure do you find is most popular in your practice?
DN: The main focus of our practice that the public finds most popular in our location is smile makeovers through porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are similar to a contact lens covering the enamel of your teeth. Through this process, we are able to correct imperfections, improve shade, shape, and alignment of one’s smile. The first and most crucial element of the procedure is creating a smile design that blends and is in harmony with one’s facial features. The next step is the fabrication of the temporaries, which match the newly made smile design. Our patient is then able to test run that smile in order to determine if it suits their desired outcome, and more importantly fits that persons face. Modifications can be made based on the patient’s preferences, hence allowing for a predictable outcome. The patient then returns to have the final porcelain veneers seated.

To what do you credit your ability to assess a smile and know how to improve it by looking the rest of a patient’s facial features?
DN: It is the ability to recognize what type of smile will be in harmony with one’s face and that comes down to a detailed analysis during our consultation through photography and even videos. We are paying attention to more than just the teeth, but the overall face-the lips, skin tone, cheek bones, shape of the face, and even the sclera, which is the white part of the eyes. It also comes down to experience and having done years of challenging smile makeovers.

Why/how is your “smile makeover” better than the trendy aligner companies advertised on TV?
DN: It all comes down to the smile design that we create prior to starting our procedure, and at the same time paying attention to our patients’ preferences, so that we can achieve an outcome where our patients will have 100% satisfaction.

What’s one misconception about dentistry that you’d like people to know?
DN: The one misconception about aesthetic dentistry is that the teeth look fake and you have to shave down a lot of your teeth. With the advancements in ceramics and careful smile design planning, we are now able to overcome this misconception. In addition, we are able to achieve beautiful aesthetic outcomes with minimal to no removal of tooth structure.

How would you consider dentistry an art form?
DN: Dentistry is a field where science meets art. It is definitely an art, when you consider the craftsmanship, attention to detail to shapes and shade, and ability to recognize what smile design fits one’s facial structure.

What do you love most about your work?
DN: The feeling of being able to change lives and give them the ability to smile confidently. The next is the relationships and friendships I build with my patients.

What inspired you to pursue dentistry?
DN: My father. As a dentist and my mentor in life, he provided me an opportunity to see dentistry through a different lens. He opened the door to the aesthetic component of the profession, and for him I am eternally grateful.

What is one thing that dentistry taught you that you never expected?
DN: How to be more patient and compassion for the others.

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