Times of change: New Players, Same Game

At 4:15 pm the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva, Switzerland emits a very specific glow. Perhaps it’s the reflections from the lake and the unobstructed views of the world famous Jet D´eau; Perhaps it’s the thick cloud of Romeo & Julieta edición limitada 2016 smoke around us as we sit down for a friendly conversation in the hotel´s deck bar, but one thing we can tell for sure is that the atmosphere is magical.

While we wait for our whisky sour cocktails to arrive we jump straight into conversation.

Mr Cyril Ratel and I speak about legacy, about rules and regulations; we speak about taking destiny into your own hands.

Ratel Geneve is an independent Swiss luxury accessible maison of horlogerie established well over a decade ago in Geneva. Its master watchmakers, trained at La Chaux de Fonds, have created under Mr. Ratel´s visionary leadership, the timekeeping machine and status symbol of the new generation.

Some call it “new money” others, like myself; call it young and independent success. However you want to classify it, one thing is beyond question: Ratel Geneve has created the most sought after timepiece for entrepreneurs under 35 and they know it.

“We´ve had tremendous success presenting the brand around the world at some of the most diverse and prestigious sporting events. Ratel has quickly become a brand recognized and selected by trendsetters in different countries; From American music superstars like Akon and 50 Cent, to Middle Eastern diplomats, Russian multi-millionaires and European sports luminaries, Ratel represents a new way of life” – Cyril proudly expresses.

The watches themselves command respect. The bold and fearless design of Ratel´s VI Degrees collection reminds us of the best materials and technical supremacy associated with the Swiss Made label.

Being a cigar maestro himself, Mr. Ratel recommends enjoying a premium cigar, a craft cocktail and reminding yourself that time is just another tool at your disposal.

Discover more and shop online at www.ratelgeneve.com
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